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Acer palmatum 'Trompenburg'

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Discovered as a chance seedling by J.R.P. van Hoey Smith this distinctive cultivar bears the name of the arboretum where it was discovered. This fast growing cultivar tends to be mostly vase shaped for many years, although very old specimens begin to get more broad with age. The 3 things for which Trompenburg is most famous all have to do with the foliage. The first is the spring color which is a dark purple sometimes almost appearing brown or chocolate turning more red as summer begins but holding a nice color well into even an Atlanta summer. The second is the very sharp serrations to the lobes of the leaf. The third is the way the lobes curl at the ends, but this does not always appear until the tree somewhat matures.  Trompenburg will tolerate full Sun even in the south. Fall color is a brilliant scarlet red. There is some speculation that 'Trompenburg' may have shirasawanum parentage due to the fact that the samaras are held erect. 

10 Year Size: Height:  15-18 Feet    Width: 10-14 Feet