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Acer palmatum 'Amagi shigure'

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One of the most frustrating aspects of collecting Japanese Maples is nomenclature. This is compounded when different trees are introduced with the same name. There is a small green leafed dwarf with this name described by Vertrees before 1985. Since this tree was apparently introduced in 1987 according to Yano in his "Book for Maples", this name is illegitimate for this cultivar so we identify this plant as Amagi shigure "Japanese Selection"
All this is even more distressing because this is an outstanding cultivar. Starting in early spring with bright pink leaves the reticulation becomes more  pronounced and the leaves become more red as spring progresses. In summer the leaves darken and become more purple while the prominent black veins remain. While more sun tolerant than other reticulated varieties this cultivar still appreciates some shade especially in hotter climates. Fall color is orange and spectacular.

    10 Year Size:  Height: 4-6 Feet   Width: 3-4 Feet