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Acer palmatum 'Hickory Hollow'

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This special little witches broom is distinguished by the cool orange and yellow color of new growth. As the new growth hardens it changes to a very appealing green. This process continues all year as this amazing little tree seems to put up brightly colored tufts of new growth through much of the summer. Fall color is yellow and orange Another neat feature of 'Hickory Hollow' is the irregular shaped leaves. Some leaves curve inward and have long serrated center lobes that appear quite rigid. While other leaves have the truncated center lobes like one would expect from a witches broom,

Discovered by Mike and Ken Yeager of Hickory Hollow Landscapers in Tuxedo NY this great small plant was originally named 'Yeager'. Having found the original plant around 1992 the brothers, both avid plantsmen, grew the plant for many years before introducing it as 'Hickory Hollow'.

10 Year Size: Height: 3-4 Feet Width: 4-5 Feet