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Acer palmatum 'Fukinagashi'

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Acer palmatum ‘Fukinagashi’ is a delicate little linearlobum that may be the most unique Japanese maple in the category. The leaves of ‘Fukinagashi’ emerge in spring dark burgundy, almost black. ‘Fukinagashi’ also has some of the smallest and finest leaves of any linearlobum, which makes it a very interesting tree in the spring. However, unlike most Japanese maples, ‘Fukinagashi’ may be as interesting in the summer as it is in spring. By summertime, the leaves of ‘Fukinagashi’ turns a bright green. The bark of ‘Fukinagashi’ is also a dark almost black color. This contrasts excellently off the bright green leaves, making the leaves appear even brighter. The leaves then turn red in the fall. ‘Fukinagashi’ is a small growing linearlobum Japanese maple that can really fit into any area in the landscape provided it is protected from afternoon sun.

10 Year Size: Height: 3-5 feet Width: 2-4 feet