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Acer palmatum 'Crimson Prince'

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Acer palmatum ‘Crimson Prince’ was introduced by Princeton Nurseries in 1988. This is one of many in a long line of cultivars claiming better than 'Bloodgood' status.  Being relatively fast growing 'Crimson Prince' is a very desirable red cultivar with dark purple almost black stems. The spring color is slightly more red and not as dark as 'Bloodgood' and does hold well into the summer finally turning first bronze then olive green by mid to late August in hot climates. As soon as cool nights start to show up in fall the nice dark red color quickly returns. This plant is very heavily branched and dense making it an excellent choice for a screening plant. Fall color is bright red. 

10 Year Size Height:  16-20 feet    Width: 16-20 feet