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Acer palmatum 'Bonfire'

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The first 4-6 weeks of spring there are very few Japanese Maples that can compete with the brilliant crimson red color of  'Bonfire' foliage. Unfortunately the spring color is short lived and turns first bronze and then green as summer nears. The growth habit is short and stocky, almost as wide as tall. Fall color in the south is usually bright red sometimes leaning toward orange-red. There seems to be some confusion with the similarity between 'Bonfire', 'Akaji nishiki' and 'Seigai'. It seems that these are three different plants, 'Bonfire' and 'Akaji Nishiki' leaves are practically the same but 'Bonfire' is shorter and denser. 'Seigai' has a different leaf shape and is much darker green in summer.

Ten year size: Height: 5-7 feet    Width: 4-6 feet

Spring Color: Red

Summer Color: Green

Fall Color: Orange-Red