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Acer sieboldianum 'Kumoi nishiki'

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Acer sieboldianum ‘Kumoi nishiki’ is an upright growing Japanese maple with dark green leaves with a white dust-like variegation sprinkled across all of the leaves. This variegation holds really well throughout the summer before the leaves turn various shades of orange. The dusted variegation turns purple in the fall to go with the orange foliage. ‘Kumoi nishiki’ is a very cold tolerant Japanese maple like all Acer sieboldianums. ‘Kumoi nishiki’ should be grown in mostly shade in order to maximize the variegation in the foliage. ‘Kumoi nishiki’ is a very nice alternative to ‘Ukigumo’.

10 Year Size: Height: 8-10 feet Width: 4-6 feet