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Acer palmatum 'Red Feathers'

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This little maple with very fine dissected leaves is an excellent addition to any garden. Among dissectums only 'Red filigree Lace' and 'Beni komo no su' have finer foliage. 'Red Feathers' does seem to grow faster than it's fine leafed cousins. Starting very bright red in spring the foliage darkens with the heat of summer turning green in hot climates before putting on a wonderful crimson show in fall. Discovered in 1980 and introduced in 1995 by John Vermeullen and Sons nursery this plant was actually a seedling off of the original 'Burgundy Lace' (also a John Vermeullen and Sons introduction in 1945). During evaluation this plant was labeled Rilas Red and occasionally this plant will show up with this incorrect name, leading one to believe that some plants escaped the nursery before introduction.

10 years Size: Height 2-3 Feet Width 3-5 Feet