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Acer palmatum 'Red Emperor' Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum ‘Red Emperor’ Japanese maple was originally introduced by Dick Wolff at Red Maple Nursery in Pennsylvania as Emperor 1 in 1976 and much later patented under that name by someone in Oregon. Many growers grow this plant as 'Red Emperor'. It does not matter what you call it, this is a great plant. It is one of many in a long line of trees to claim the title "Better Than Bloodgood" and in some ways it is. 'Red Emperor' Japanese maple does not burn in full sun in the Southeast, as to how well it holds it's color, we find that in some landscapes it does as well or better than other cultivars but in other situations it seems to turn green a little quicker. We have yet to determine what causes this. Either way, this tree will not disappoint you. Another advantage is that it usually leafs out a few days later than 'Bloodgood' in the spring lessening the chance of frost damage. The growth rate of 'Red Emperor' Japanese maple is very good, spring color is dark purple and fall color is bright red.

10 Year Size: Height:   15-18 Feet    Width:  12-15 Feet

Spring Color: Burgundy

Summer Color: Burgundy

Fall Color: Red

Sun Tolerance: Full

Planting: Elevated, Well Drained Soil

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