Acer palmatum 'Oridino nishiki'

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Acer palmatum ‘Oridino nishiki’ is a medium size upright growing Japanese maple with incredible variegated color. Some leaves on ‘Oridino nishiki’ may have green, white or pink, or sometimes all three. Under perfect conditions, this can be one of the most incredible Japanese maples in cultivation. Unfortunately, these perfect conditions don’t often exist and this variegation is often lost. In our experience, ‘Oridino nishiki’ is usually a green tree with about 1-5% of the leaves displaying variegation. ‘Oridino nishki’ is of course still a tree worth having as the variegation that it does have is almost unmatched. Another unique characteristic of ‘Oridino nishiki’ is that the bark often has long stripes of reds and oranges, adding even more interest to this great tree.

10 Year Size: Height: 12-14 feet Width: 6-8 feet