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Acer palmatum 'O jishi'

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Acer palmatum ‘O jishi’ is one of the famous lions head maples. 'O jishi' is the male lion and 'Meijishi' is the female lion. Shishigashira means lions head, and while this term can be used to describe either cultivar it is generally used to describe 'Meijishi'. The leaves of 'Ojishi' are heavily crinkled but lighter in color and not quite as tightly crinkled as 'Meijishi'. 'O jishi' is also a much slower growing smaller tree. In full sun new growth has a red tinge to the tips of the foliage. Fall color is red and glorious. The leaves appear very crowded on the stem giving the tree a compact and congested look, with the short internodal length making it hard to propagate and contributing to the fact that it is rarely seen in nurseries. 'O jishi' is excellent for containers and makes a wonderful patio tree.

10 Year size:  Height:  4-5  Feet    Width: 3-4 Feet

Spring Color: Green

Summer Color: Green

Fall Color: Orange

Sun Tolerance: Partial

Planting: Elevated, Well Drained Soil