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Acer palmatum 'Murasaki kiyohime'

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'Murasaki kiyohime' is a small maple that will grow much wider than tall,  Like it's close relative 'Kiyo hime' this cultivar emerges in spring with red tips to the leaves before turning green for the summer. there are very slight differences between the 2 maples. We find that the edge of 'Murasaki kiyohime' to be more maroon red and 'Kiyo hime' to be more orange red but the tint of these colors can be affected by the sun making them hard to  distinguish. Fall color ranges from bronze to orange. 'Murasaki kiyohime' is also slightly more upright when young, often sending up  vertical shoots of a foot or more on very young plants only to spend the rest of it's life thickening up and growing wider. 'Murasaki kiyohime' is relatively fast growing and will become a specimen in the garden after just a few years.

10 year size: Height: 2 feet   Width: 4-5 feet