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Acer palmatum 'Heartbeat'

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‘Heartbeat’ is an Australian cultivar that is just making its way into the gardening culture of the United States. 'Heartbeat' would be a great addition to any garden. The leaves are extremely dissected with lobes that are held very far apart, making the overall leaf almost appear round. The habit is very low and spreading forming a plant that is much wider than tall. Spring color is more red and less purple than other similar Japanese Maples. As summer approaches leaves turn first bronze then green but this vigorous grower seems to put on new red growth at the tips all summer long even in hot climates. Fall color is crimson.

10 year size: Height 2-4 Feet Width 6-8 Feet 

Spring Color: Red

Summer Color: Bronze

Fall Color: Crimson

Sun Tolerance: Full

Planting: Elevated, Well drained soil