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Acer palmatum 'Green Hornet'

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'Green Hornet' is unusually fast growing for a lace leaf maple and because of this it can benefit greatly from pruning or training when young to get it started in the right direction. Shoots on newly grafted plants may grow 2 feet or more the first year. As the plant ages its vigorous growth becomes an asset creating a graceful plant with long arching branches. Spring growth is lime green sometimes with orange margins when placed in more sun, however at least partial shade is preferred in hotter climates. Fall color is stunning and bright red which is quite rare for green dissectums which usually display yellow to orange fall color. 

10 Year Size:   Height:  4-6 Feet    Width:  7-9 Feet

Spring Color: Lime Green

Summer Color: Green

Fall Color: Red

Sun Tolerance: Partial

Planting: Elevated, Well Drained Soil