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Acer palmatum 'Gable's Glory'

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Acer palmatum ‘Gable’s Glory’ is a fascinating Japanese maple with some incredible color changes. ‘Gable’s Glory’ first emerges in the spring with bright red, broad leaves. This is a stunning color that persists through the spring. As the temperatures rise, ‘Gable’s Glory’ changes to a bronze-red color. The color of the leaves continues to get lighter until they are nearly yellow in the peak of summer. What is even more impressive than the bright summer color, is the new growth that this tree puts on late in the summer months. ‘Gable’s Glory’ will push out more of that bright red spring growth that appears on top of the yellow summer color. This makes for a remarkable contrast in color on the same tree. Fall color is then a nice orange to red.

10 Year Size: Height: 8-10 feet Width: 4-6 feet