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Acer palmatum 'Dixie Rain'

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Acer palmatum ‘Dixie Rain’ is one of our newest introductions at Maple Ridge Nursery. ‘Dixie Rain’ has an interesting leaf shape for a broad leaf variety. The leaves are deeply divided making it almost appear as a cross between a broad leaf and a lace leaf. The growth habit is also unusual for most broad leaf varieties. While most broad leaves grow upright, with some exceptions, ‘Dixie Rain’ appears to spread rather than grow vertical. This variety is still in its infancy stage so we are still monitoring its growth. ‘Dixie Rain’ also has rather unique colors. ‘Dixie Rain’ will first emerge in early spring with orange-red leaves that quickly change to green. This green then remains through the rest of the spring and summer. The new growth that appears is also that orange-red color which gives the tree a striking contrast. Fall color is then yellow to orange, making ‘Dixie Rain’ a beautiful tree in the landscape.

10 Year Size: Height: 5-7 feet Width: 5-7 feet