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Acer palmatum 'Akin's E.P.'

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‘Akin’s E.P.’ is a Japanese maple built for the south. Born in Louisiana, Acer palmatum ‘Akin’s E.P.’ is an excellent grower even in our extreme summer heat. ‘Akin’s E.P.’ has small, palmate leaves that emerge a deep red or maroon in the spring. The color of these leaves fades somewhat in the summer as all maples do in the heat, however ‘Akin’s E.P.’ will hold most of its spring color given a little afternoon shade. Fall color is a vibrant red. ‘Akin’s E.P.’ is a fast grower when young but shouldn’t grow to more than 12 feet tall. ‘Akin’s E.P.’ compares favorably to that of Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ especially as a tree that won’t get as big.

10 Year Size: Height: 10-12 feet Width: 4-6 feet

Spring Color: Red

Summer Color: Burgundy

Fall Color: Red

Sun Tolerance: Full

Planting: Elevated, Well Drained Soil