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Japanese Maple Grafting Class
We are now offering Grafting Classes for anyone interested in learning about the process of propagating Japanese maples cultivars. This class will take you through the entire process of grafting a Japanese maple. In this class you will get to graft four Japanese maples from start to finish. You will get to take these grafts home with you and hopefully watch them grow into beautiful Japanese maple varieties.   Our grafting class typically takes about two hours to go through the whole process from start to finish. We will provide all the materials needed for grafting the Japanese maples. At the end of the class you get to keep your grafting knife as well as the four Japanese maples that you grafted. You can book this two hour experience for just $97.    You can now book the in-person grafting class by clicking the book now button. These are scheduled as one on one classes, but we should be able to accommodate up to four people in a party. The cost of the class is per person, so everyone taking the class will need to pay for the class. However, only one purchase is required at the time of booking. Other party members can pay the day of the class.   We also plan to offer a virtual class as well, but we will have more details on that at a later time. 
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