We are Moving!

We are Moving! - Maple Ridge Nursery
Maple Ridge Nursery has been operating on Covington Hwy in Decatur, Georgia for the past 34 years. We've gone by multiple names during that time. We were Greenhouse Nurseries and also The Maple Farm, but we have been continuously run by the same family the whole time. Other than a brief time in the 80's, our family has operated a nursery in the same location going back to the early 60's. We have had quite a run at this little location on the outskirts of Decatur, but all good things eventually have to come to an end. In this case it's a happy ending to create a new beginning! Starting in 2024 Maple Ridge Nursery will be moving to Gay, GA.
I have three kids five years old and younger. Over the past several years as our little family has grown, so has our family nursery. With this growth, we were starting to outgrow our location. With the changing landscape of the world, our business has changed with it. Many of you already know that we have been planning on changing our location, but the timeframe was always a question. Now that time is quickly coming upon us. Our location on Covington Hwy has been good for us for a long time. It's where I grew up but honestly it hasn't felt like home for awhile. So, we are very excited to start this new chapter and find out what this new move can mean for our nursery and our family.
Many of you may not have realized this but over the past two years we have actually been operating two separate nursery locations. One has focused on our local, in-store customers, while the new location has focused on our ever growing, online Japanese maple and conifer store. During this time we have balanced operating both locations with a very limited staff while our business has grown. I believe we have done a good job managing this effort but it is beyond time to get back to focusing all of our attention and resources towards one place. This regained focus will help us take another step towards being the nursery we know we can be. 
We know this is a big change that will be beloved by many and questioned by others. This is not a change that we are taking lightly, but while our location may be changing our ownership and personnel will be staying the same. We are the same people growing the same trees that we have for years. In fact, we hope that with our new facility we will be able to grow trees better than ever before! 
For the majority of our online customers the only thing this will affect is our shipping times. We should be able to ship trees much more quickly and efficiently than ever before. It should be a real game changer in that regard. Our regained focus of personnel and resources should help drastically improve our already outstanding shipping practices as we move forward towards being your number one source for Japanese maples and Conifers online. 
This move will be exciting for many of our local customers as we are moving closer to you, but we will be moving further away from others. Regardless of your location we will still be worth the visit! The new location is more than twice the size of our Decatur location, and while we will be in our infant stages the first couple of years we expect our new facility to grow into something we could have only dreamed of before. If you can't make it out to see the new place you can always purchase 1 and 3 gallon trees online and we will ship them directly to your door. People all over the country have been trusting us for years with our excellent packing and shipping skills to deliver quality Japanese maples and Conifers to their homes. 
The process of moving the nursery has already begun. We are currently working to move our inventory to our new location in Gay, Georgia so our entire catalog of trees will not be in the same location. Please contact us before visiting if you have any specific tree requests. We will begin moving our younger trees first before moving our larger specimens. 
We will be open by appointment only in Decatur after December 10th and we will start taking appointments for the Gay location the second week of January. 1 gallon and 3 gallon trees can be ordered online and picked up at either location with notice. 
This is a work in progress so please be patient with us but this is a move that will help Maple Ridge Nursery grow to new heights for years to come.
The address for the new location is 22505 SR-85 Gay, GA 30218