Maple Ridge Nursery Policies

Maple Ridge Nursery Policies - Maple Ridge Nursery

Shipping Policies

We ship trees Monday through Thursday with orders generally going out in the order they were placed. We do not guarantee that your trees will ship out by any certain date unless we have personally spoken about it and made note of specific ship date. We are a small family business with a large nursery and we get orders sent out as quickly as possible. What we can guarantee is that we will take the most care possible to ensure that your trees arrive safely to you. Our customers have mentioned on countless occasions that we package trees better than any other nursery they have ever seen. We take great pride in the quality of our shipping processes.

In very rare cases trees can be damaged in transit. In these instances please do not immediately take the trees out of the box. Please send us at least 7 different pictures of the state of the box and the tree. This will help us file a claim with UPS. This will also help us determine the state of your tree. If your tree is seriously damaged, then we will send you a replacement or give you store credit for a new tree. We will not replace trees with a broken twig or leaf or two. Leaf damage in general is not a reason for tree replacement. If you have concerns about the state of your trees' leaves, please email us with photos so that we can discuss the issue. Leaf issues are typically temporary. We must be informed of any shipping issues within 7 days of receipt of your tree. This way we can handle any situation in a timely manner. 

We will also offer a replacement tree or store credit in the case of a tree lost in transit. However, this is extremely rare. I don't believe it has happened at all since we switched to UPS in 2022. 

Our shipping prices are very simple, straight forward, and competitive. One 1 gallon tree costs $20 to ship. Each additional 1 gallon is an extra $8. One 3 gallon tree costs $36 to ship. Each additional 3 gallon is an extra $24. These shipping costs are right in line with most of our competitors and even cheaper than some of the more popular online nurseries. The real kicker here is that unlike most of our competitors we offer Free Shipping with all orders over $150. 

90 Day Warranty

We offer a 90 day warranty on all of our plants. At our discretion we will replace trees that die within 90 days of receipt of your tree as long as proper care was given. We will not replace a tree if it just has leaf damage. New growth leaf burn is very common in the spring and general leaf burn is very common in the hot summer months. These are very rarely full signs of an unhealthy tree. If you raise concerns about a tree within 90 days of receiving the tree and we suggest that you give it more time we will usually be flexible if the tree does indeed die past the 90 day mark depending on the circumstances. 

We also do not replace trees due to frost damage. If you purchase a Japanese Maple in March or later, it will more thank likely have leaves on it. It will need to be protected from frost or freezing temperatures when in full leaf. Japanese maples should then be kept outdoors when there is no risk of freezing temperatures. We are willing to hold onto orders for up to 90 days. You can request that your shipment be held in the comment section during checkout or contact us directly. 

Japanese maples purchased during the winter months will be dormant with no leaves. This is completely normal as these are deciduous trees. 

The majority of our trees are hardy in zones 5-9 and those are the zones we recommend our trees for. This 90 day warranty is only valid for people growing their trees in zones 5-9. We will sell you trees outside of these zones and help you grow them to the best of our ability, but they will not be covered by our warranty. The same goes for any attempt to grow anything we sell indoors. We grow trees and shrubs designed for use outside in the garden. 

We are always happy to help with any situation that may arise. If something goes wrong with your tree outside of the 90 day window, we will not replace the tree, but we will be more than happy to help you find a solution to the issue.