Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Watnong'


This maple with the wonderful Japanese sounding name was actually named after the nursery where it was introduced, Watnong Nursery in New Jersey. The Nursery was named after a Native American term "Watnong" which means "Little Hill" and accurately describes this mounding maple. A fast growing dissectum with new growth that comes out slightly red before turning a spectacular pink and then fading to green as the foliage begins to harden off. Fortunately this is such a fast grower that the pink new growth tips last well into the summer when it finally gets too hot and the plant stops growing to rest during our hot Georgia summers. Fall color is a great mix of yellow, orange and sometimes red. 

10 year Size:     Height:  4-6 feet    Width:  6-8 Feet