Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Carll's Corner'


The short center lobe of this small dense red maple gives the entire plant an interesting texture. Emerging bright red almost pink in spring the new leaves soon become a dark burgundy. The color holds well most of the summer even in warmer climates where some afternoon shade is preferred. Fall color is dark red. Slow growing, 'Carll's Corner' eventually forms nice rounded shrub. 

Discovered as a witches broom growing on an atropurpureum in a small community near Upper Deerfield, New Jersey named Carll's Corner this plant has been listed under several names. Listed by many nurseries and even in the 4th edition of the book Japanese Maples as 'Carlis Corner', this name is just a result of improper transcription. Other improper names are 'Carl's Corner' and 'Carlls Corner Broom'. Another story has the plant originally named 'Louise' but this cannot be verified. Maybe synonymous with 'Mary Katherine' many stories have them propagated from the same witches broom, others have them coming from different trees.

10 year size: Height: 4-5 feet   Width: 3-4 feet