Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Wattez'


In early spring the star shaped leaves emerge brilliant red with prominent veining before becoming darker and more of a brick red. 'Wattez' holds color well in to the summer even in hotter climates before turning first bronze and then green. Fall color is a wonderful bright red or orange sometimes having hints of gold. Although it is reported that this tree can get quite tall with age, it appears to be quite shrubby when young. 

This is the original 'Atropurpureum' cultivar from the late 19th century found by Constant Wattez at her nursery in Woudenberg Netherlands and renamed 'Wattez'. Unfortunately there have been two cultivars named 'Atropurpureum', this one and another cultivar from England popular in Europe after World War II. Then to confuse things even more the name atropurpureum became a term used to describe any red leafed Japanese maple. Atropurpureum is now is now considered to be a sub species of Acer palmatum. It is amazing that this old cultivar survived all the confusion and dilution to be renamed and be available to modern day gardeners. 

10 Year Size:  Height 8-10 Feet  Width 5-7 Feet