Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Washi-no-o'


'Eagles Claw', 'Eagles Tail', and 'Paucum' are some of the names that this old cultivar is occasionally called or misnamed as. 'Palmatifidium' has had cultivar status in Europe since the early 1800's. There is also some confusion as to whether this is not really the old Japanese cultivar called 'Washi no o', which means eagles tail, that has only been documented in Japan since 1880 but according to legend may have been grown under this name at least a 100 years earlier. All the info I can find leads back to this being the Japanese cultivar, therefore 'Washi no o' had to have predated 'Palmatifidium'. Either way I believe they are synonymous and prefer the Japanese name.  This great dissectum is known by many names but what ever you call it you should call it yours.

The leaf of 'Palmatifidium is a little more coarse than some dissectums and the margins of each lobe are cut more regularly and less deep than most dissectums giving it a very unique texture. This mounding shrub type maple tolerates more sun than most green lace leafs. I have even grown this cultivar in full sun in Atlanta Georgia but some shade would be appreciated. Fall color, which is always spectacular if sometimes a little later than some other maples, is usually bright yellow, although sometimes in sunnier locations the yellow will be mixed with orange.

Synonyms: Acer palmatum 'Palmatifidium'

                 Acer palmatum 'Eagles Claw'

10 year size:  Height:  3-4 Feet    Width:  5-7 Feet