Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Ukigumo'


This is the famous "Floating Cloud" maple. In early spring dazzling  foliage opens speckled with pink and white. In summer the pink fades leaving only a dusting of white to hint at its former spring glory. Unfortunately in areas with hotter climates the variegation is not nearly as well developed and some years does not show at all. Oh the anticipation of a gardener in a hot climate hoping each spring that this will be the year that his prized "Floating Cloud" will actually show its colors. If you do actually get to see variegation in early spring in these hot locations it is fleeting at best as it will fade to green quickly leaving the gardener waiting and wanting until next spring. Compact and upright when young 'Ukigumo' Matures into a beautiful small round topped tree. Fall color is generally orange.

10 year size:  Height: 10-12 Feet   Width: 8-10 Feet