Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Tamuke yama'


This cultivar gets its name from the famous mountain Tamukeya located in Kyushu. The mountain is famous for its shrine to Musahi Myamoto, a famous warrior. We have tracked down a couple of interpretations of the meaning of the name Tamuke yama'. One is "hands folded in prayer on the mountain". Another has to do with the Zen Buddhists term tamuke which is used for spiritual offerings or the embodiment of sprit and yama meaning mountain which lends itself to a translation of "spirit of the mountain".

 'Tamuke yama' has been grown in Japan for around 300 years, it was listed in Japanese literature at least as early as 1710, but greatly ignored in the U.S. until the last 20 0r 30 years. Recently it has become accepted as one of the best dissectums in cultivation, and probably the best red dissectum for hot climates. 'Tamuke yama' not only tolerates but actually thrives in our hot Georgia summers even in full sun. It is one of the fastest growing dissectums maples we grow, slightly more irregular and upright than other dissectums. New growth is dark purple-red in spring and hold very well especially in sunny locations. Fall color is a mix of fiery reds with a hint of orange undertone that predictably puts on one of the falls best shows. Old specimens exist that are 12-15 feet tall.

10 Year Size: Height 6-8 Feet  Width 8-10 Feet