Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Ryu sei'


This is the most pendulous Japanese maple on the market today. The most unusual thing about this is that the leaves are fully palmate, light green and very attractively star shaped. Most cascading varieties have dissected leaves. If not staked, 'Ryu sei' becomes a ground cover. When grown in a container it can resemble ivy cascading down past the bottom of the pot. For the landscape 'Ryu sei' is generally staked up to a certain height then allowed to fall to the ground making a beautiful flowing mound. Fall color is gold and orange. 

Now everyone agrees this is a beautiful plant, the problem is people cannot decide what to call it. The Japanese name 'Ryu sei' means falling stars. The Japanese name 'Ryusen' means flowing waters. Both of these names are used to describe the same plant. 

According to the The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants each name designation must be formally established by being published in hard copy, with a description in a dated publication. It is also understood that the date of publication is absolute. This means that the first published name is correct. Masayoshi Yano in his "Book for Maples" published in 2003, listed the plant as 'Ryu sei'. The 'Ryusen' patent was applied for 2006 and was granted in 2008. No earlier published record has been found for 'Ryusen' therefore 'Ryu sei' must be correct. 

10 Year Size: Height 1-2 feet Width 8-10 feet