Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Red Spider Web'


The small deeply dissected leaves of this slow growing plant are as delicate as any other variety. Named 'Beni kumo no su' by Del Locke of Del's Japanese Maple Nursery, Beni kumo no su translates to red spider web and is often sold under this name. Displaying bright red in spring the color becomes darker in summer before turning green. Fall color is a very attractive deep red. Plant in full sun for best colors. 'Beni kumo no su' is amazingly sun and heat tolerant even in hotter climates but does benefit from some shade in extreme environments. 

Synonymous with 'Beni kumo no su' which is the valid cultivar name.

10 years Size: Height: 2-4 feet    Width: 3-5 feet