Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Red Select'


‘Red Select’ is a very pendulous lace leaf with foliage that emerges purple then becoming redder as it progresses through the spring. When summer arrives 'Red Select' molts from red to green before adding long branches of bright red in late summer.  One of the smaller dissectums, ‘Red Select’ left unattended will become a beautiful low sprawling mound. Some growers stake this maple when young to show off its wonderful cascading habit. Fall color is a glorious bright red.

Some consider this plant to be synonymous with Inaba shidare. It is definitely not. It is smaller, more pendulous, brighter red and has smaller more finely cut leaves. The literature and history of this cultivar are ripe with confusion. Van Gelderen in Maples for Gardens states that the plant was introduced by Vertrees prior to 1978. Vertrees states in his book that the tree is synonymous with Inaba shidare. The one thing we know for sure is that both of them are wrong. The most credible story that I have read has this plant being a seedling from Inaba shidare raised in Fresno California by Donald Kleim at the Henderson Experimental Gardens. 

10 years Size: Height 3-4 feet Width 6-8 Feet