Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Pendula Julian'


As the name implies this cultivar is very pendulous and benefits from being grafted higher or staking when young. Leaves emerge rusty red to more of a pink red depending on sun exposure but always with a green midvein. In early spring the abundant blooms put on quite a show for a maple. In cooler climates rusty red color extends well into the summer but in hotter climates 'Pendula Julian fades to an attractive olive green by mid June. Fall color is fantastic and can vary from bright fiery red to red with yellows and oranges mixed.

'Pendula Julian' was most likely part of the collection brought from Yokohama Nurseries in Japan to the United States in the 1930s by great plantsman Henry Hohman of Kingsville Nurseries in Maryland as many nurseryman and collectors reference him as the source of  their plants. There is some confusion about whether the name should be Pendula or Pendulum Julian, but since this cultivar was not included in the list of maples from the pendulum group listed by Wada from Yokohama Nurseries and the cultivar as we know it originated at Yokohama Nurseries then we must use the name first used by Henry Hohman which was 'Pendula Julian'.

10 years Size: Height 3-4 Feet Width 6-8 Feet