Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Meijishi'


This is one of the famous lions head maples. 'Meijishi' is the female lion and 'O jishi' is the male lion. Shishigashira means lions head, and while this term can be used to describe either cultivar it is generally used to describe 'Meijishi'. The foliage of 'Meijishi' is dark green, very crinkled and congested along its stiff upright branches creating a look so distinctive that the only maple even closely comparable would be its brother 'O jishi'. However, the experienced maple connoisseur can quickly tell the two apart  by the fact that 'Meijishi' has darker foliage that is more tightly crinkled and is faster growing than her little brother 'Ojishi'. Decidedly open and airy when young, 'Meijishi’ can become quite dense and thick with age. Fall color is fiery orange helping to establish the idea of the lion with its flaming orange mane. 'Meijishi' is excellent for containers and makes a wonderful patio tree.

10 Year size:  Height:  5-6  Feet    Width: 3-4 Feet