Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Koto no ito'


It has  been described as the dancing monkey tree for the way the extremely narrow lobes dance in the wind. The habit of 'Koto no ito' is upright and very nice. It's vary narrow strap like leaves  inspired Koichiro Wada of  Japan to name it 'Koto no ito' which means harp strings.  Fall color begins as a wonderful yellow moving towards gold and finishing blended with orange. 

Like many Japanese Maples while doing research on this cultivar, one may become very confused. Some write that 'Koto no ito' has rather wide lobes for a linearilobum, others write that it may have some of the most narrow lobes of all the linearilobum varieties. The clone most often seen in North America and apparently the one described in Maples for Gardens seems to fit  the latter description. 'Koto no ito' may have late season growth that is a little wide like most maples in this group, but more typical growth should appear on this wood the following season. However references have been noted that state if more typical leaves do not appear on these branches the following year they should be removed. This would mean that at least some growers have experienced reversions on this cultivar. This could be the answer to the confusion. The wider lobed plants may be  plants grafted from reversions in winter when it would be impossible to tell the difference. Summer grafting solves this potential problem. 

10 year size:  Height: 5-6 Feet   Width: 3-5 Feet