Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Higasa yama'


In spring 'Higasa yama' may be one of the most exciting and colorful trees you will ever see, there is nothing else quite like it. Unfortunately this intense color is short lived. As soon as temperatures start to get hot most of the variegation will fade away leaving a faint white or cream line down the center of the lobe. And when it gets really hot in our southeastern summers it will go totally green. In late summer 'Higasa yama' will send out  long runners of new growth with solid green leaves much larger and differently shaped than the typical leaves. These limbs will usually put out typical leaves the next spring  if not they should be removed. Fall color can be quite dramatic with reds oranges and yellows.

10 year size:  Height: 10-12 Feet   Width: 6-8 Feet