Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Crimson Queen'


This is one of the very finest of the Japanese maple dissectums.  Its color, when in prime leaf, is unsurpassed. Introduced in 1965 ‘Crimson Queen’ has become the standard by which all red lace leaf maples are judged and probably the most common dissectum grown in America. Crimson Queen will tolerate full sun, even in hot climates but it is much happier if it can be provided with a few hours shade during the day or indirect light like pine tree shade. Under perfect conditions Crimson Queen can hold its red color as well or better than most cultivars. The growth habit is decidedly pendulous and will form a beautiful low mound only gaining height as it matures and begins to mound over itself. Crimson Queen left on it's own is beautiful and graceful but with a little training can become a specimen anyone could be proud of.

10 year size: Height: 4-6 Feet    Width 6-8 Feet