Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Beni shi en'


Harold Johnson of Tallassee, Alabama introduced this wonderful variegated Japanese maple born of the south and then gave it a Japanese name that translates to red smoke. The deeply divided leaves emerge more purple than anything else, but will have cream markings starting at the base of the leaf and extending along the margins of most of the lobes. In summer the purple of spring will change to olive green in more shade or bronze in more sun. In late summer new red growth will pop out all over the plant. Fall color is usually orange or red. The really cool thing is that no two leaves will be shaped the same. This is the only significantly variegated Japanese maple we grow that will tolerate full sun in the Southeast. Possibly the most unique maple introduced in the last fifty years.

10 year size:  Height: 8-10 Feet   Width: 6-8 Feet