Japanese Maples and Conifers

Acer palmatum 'Amagi shigure'





This small little tree described by Vertrees as having bright green star shaped leaves is a wonderful “hime type” maple. Unfortunately there is a Japanese tree introduced in 1987 with the same name. Since this plant was described by Vertrees before 1985 this attractive little dwarf apparently holds the rights to the name Amagi shigure, which translates to soft drizzle. American nurseryman Talon Buchholz writes that this actually could be the same plant as Acer palmatum ‘Amagi shuri’ and that the name just became confused somewhere along the way. This is an interesting hypothesis and would make things much easier if discovered to be true. However the saga unfolds, we here at Maple Ridge Nursery enjoy the little plant with its dense growth habit and bright red petioles. 

    10 Year Size:  Height:  1-2 Feet   Width: 3-4 Feet