Japanese Maples and Conifers

Abies fraseri 'Fraser Fir'


The Fraser Fir is one of the most popular Christmas Trees in the United States, especially in the Southeastern part of the country. In their native home of the Appalachian Mountains, the Fraser Fir can reach heights of 30-50 feet. Slow growing when young, it can take roughly 7-10 years to grow a 6 to 7 foot tall tree ready to sell as a Christmas Tree. The Fraser Fir has a lovely, dark blue-green color which is darker on the upper surface of the needles while much lighter from the bottom. The Fraser Fir is known for its pleasant scent that reminds many people of the holiday season. This fragrance has even been captured in candles and incense for people to enjoy throughout the year. The Fraser Fir works great as a Christmas Tree due to its dense habit and pyramidal shape. This tree also does well as it has strong branches for holding heavy ornaments and soft needles that make it easy to handle. This tree also does a great job of holding its needles throughout the season after being cut. The Fraser Fir is arguably the best Christmas Tree available.