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Acer palmatum 'Red Pygmy'

Linearilobum Group.

'Red Pygmy' may not be the best named linearilobum but it is one of the best all around Japanese Maples. Although slower growing than some of the vigorous forms of  linearilobum, 'Red Pygmy' can attain heights of more than 15 feet with age. While it comes out red in spring and may hold color into the summer in some areas, 'Red Pygmy' quickly turns green as temperatures begin to rise in hot climates. The green is a dark rich green throughout the summer then as a startling contrast this plant will turn bright yellow or gold in fall. 'Red Pygmy ' leaves have some of the narrowest lobes of the red linearilobums often having an interesting twist in the lobe. 'Red Pygmy' tolerates sun well.  The changes in color and the very graceful shape make this a must have plant for collectors and occasional gardeners alike.

Height:  6-7 feet    Width:  3-5 Feet

 'Red Pygmy'

'Red Pygmy'

'Red Pygmy'

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