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Acer palmatum 'Viridis'
Dissectum Type
The name says it all, viridis means green in Latin and 'Viridis' is the standard by which all green dissectums are judged. Many of the oldest, most beautiful and stately Japanese maples in America are this cultivar. There has been some confusion over whether or not 'Viridis' should have cultivar status since at one time any green dissectum was called Viridis. Although there may be different cultivars being sold under this name, I have seen trees labeled as 'Viridis' from all over the U.S. and most seem to be the same excellent cultivar.  Light green foliage in spring, yellow to gold fall color and a nice weeping habit that make this a show stopper in any garden.

10 year size:  Height:  4-6 Feet    Width:  6-8 Feet
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