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Acer palmatum  'Orangeola'
Dissectum Type
'Orangeola' is one of the fastest growing dissectums but still does not attain height very quickly due to the fact that it is also one of the most pendulus maples. This great plant changes personality all season long. It emerges with tones of green and orange in early spring  and as the sun works it's magic on the foliage it quickly turns puple. Next as spring turns into summer the older leaves start to slowly turn green, this process happens over a number of weeks during which the leaves appear molted with infused colors of green and purple washed across each leaf. About the time the entire plant becomes green in mid to late summer 'Orangeola' decides it is time to grow again, putting out red new growth that lays over the older foliage. Then in fall it really puts on a show with traffic stopping bright orange-red leaves. This plant does extremely well in hotter climates.

10 Year Size  Height: 3-5 Feet      Width: 6-8 Feet

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