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Acer palmatum 'Omure yama'
This is a different sort of upright maple, almost weeping willow like. When young 'Omure yama' may develop a leader and grow up, but as the tree reaches maturity the long slender new growth cascades down, giving the tree the weeping willow look that it is known for. Some growers stake 'Omure yama' when young to help it attain initial height from which to weep from. Plants that never develop a leader become wide weeping mounds not much different than the growth habit of many dissectums. I have heard other authors claim that this or that variety has the best fall color of any Japanese maple. I would not have the audacity to claim that about any cultivar but year in and year out I would say the reds, oranges and yellows of  'Omure yama' in fall are at least equal to any other variety we grow.

10 Year Size:  Height: 6-10 Feet Width: 8-10 Feet
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  'Omure yama'

'Omure yama'

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