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Acer palmatum 'Okushimo'
Palmatum Type
Listed as early as 1710 in Japan this old cultivar with a name that means pepper and salt, definitely has a place in the modern landscape. Leaves emerge chartreuse in spring with bright red petioles, before turning darker green and displaying cool little dimples all over the leaves. Its these dimples that reminded the Japanese of salt and pepper. Summer turns the leaves much darker and they begin to curl inward at the edges of the little sharp lobes. The distinctive green curled leaves of 'Okushimo' give it an ability to contrast just right with other plants in the garden and the fact that it is so decidedly vase shaped with most of its width above head height means that it can be tucked into corners and between paths or next to sidewalks. We do suggest that you plant 'Okushimo' in partial shade in hotter climates. The great fall color ranges from yellow to orange and even red.

10 Year size:  Height:  10-12  Feet    Width: 6-8 Feet

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April showing red petioles





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