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Acer palmatum 'Ever Red'     

Although its name is slightly misleading, my wife jokingly calls it never red; 'Ever Red' is one of our favorite lace leaf varieties. I understand that this old cultivar holds its color well in other parts of the world; 'Ever Red' will not stay red all summer in the southeastern United States. In fact it turns bronze and then green faster than many dissectums we grow. What makes 'Ever Red so great is the color changes it goes through during the season and the sturdy growth habit. Starting with silver hairs on the leaves when they first come out in spring, then the wonderful red color through spring and early summer, changing to a nice dark green in summer and then flaming red in fall. ‘Ever Red’ is a truly wonderful maple.
10 Year Size:   Height: 4-6 Feet   Width: 6-8 Feet

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   'Ever Red'
 buds opening in March
   'Ever Red'
November foliage

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